Monday, 25 May 2015

Sorry, gotta run, PBS Antiques Roadshow is on the telly

A new comment on the post "Agricultural land value as a percentage of GDP"

Author: Everett F Sargent
Bernard J.,

Don't go there because:

Combine those two and you get (made up):

If humanity could just get past those two issues, religious and ideological beliefs, just imagine what we all could accomplish.

But don't forget VALUE, everything is predicated based on VALUE.  Or is VALUE an assumption or a priori/a posteriori premises or a herd mentality predicated on humanity competing for things, via say auctions, and people shouting in stock markets, etceteras:

(the materials in that painting are worth like $0.99 at the dollar store)

I'm pretty sure during the Great Depression most people were satisfied with just trying to just meet their basic needs, food, clothing and shelter, we're no longer in a Great Depression, however it would appear that a few billion humans still would like to obtain those very basic needs.

I'm not in 'it' to win 'it' but most people appear to be of that, err disposition.  When people lose faith in an economic system (of governance) you get zombies.

Are we all just flying dinosaurs collecting shiny things, and if so, to what end.  Presumably to collect even more shiny things.

Sorry, gotta run, PBS Antiques Roadshow is on the telly.

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