Monday, 13 October 2014

Physicist with 50 years experience aka Doug Cotton aka D o u g C aka Snoop Doggy Dog

This is yet another of the many socks of Doug Cotton (which may itself be an alias, for all I know).

Anyway, I'm utterly bored with moderating his stuff now. So, the rules, specifically for Doug C:

1. Yes, you get your own rules and they are stricter than for everyone else. Cry me a river.
2. You can only post under one name, and that name is Doug Cotton. No hiding under fake names.
3. Usually, you should stay on topic. You should only go of topic if you're bringing up a new idea.
4. Long comments that only repeat what you've said elsewhere aren't acceptable. Simply link to what you've said elsewhere.
5. Be polite and have some self-respect. Hint: prefixing your comments with "I'm not going to waste my time here" is not only impolite, its also pathetic.