Monday, 13 October 2014

Physicist with 50 years experience aka Doug Cotton aka D o u g C aka Snoop Doggy Dog

This is yet another of the many socks of Doug Cotton (which may itself be an alias, for all I know).

Anyway, I'm utterly bored with moderating his stuff now. So, the rules, specifically for Doug C:

1. Yes, you get your own rules and they are stricter than for everyone else. Cry me a river.
2. You can only post under one name, and that name is Doug Cotton. No hiding under fake names.
3. Usually, you should stay on topic. You should only go of topic if you're bringing up a new idea.
4. Long comments that only repeat what you've said elsewhere aren't acceptable. Simply link to what you've said elsewhere.
5. Be polite and have some self-respect. Hint: prefixing your comments with "I'm not going to waste my time here" is not only impolite, its also pathetic.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Why are the tropical oceans still cold in the depths?

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Author : Climate Scientist

Why are the tropical oceans still cold in the depths?  Why don't they become isothermal like you think the troposphere would have been without that most-prolific of all greenhouse pollutants, water vapour sending all that warming back radiation back to the surface to warm it to a higher temperature than it was when it sent the original radiation and cooled in doing so.

Well the tropical oceans are colder in the depths because the poles act as a heat sink.  Isothermals (such as 4 degrees C) are deep down in the tropics, but break out at the surface in the polar regions.

So too would the atmosphere be colder at the base for the same reason.  If the whole globe were paved in black asphalt the surface would be about 235K - nearly 40 degrees below freezing.  You can work it out yourself with an on-line Stefan Boltzmann calculator using solar radiative flux of 161W/m^2 and emissivity 0.93.

So there is a lot of thermal energy entering the ocean surface in non-polar regions, moving downwards through the thermocline and exiting in the polar regions.

But why is the thin transparent ocean surface so hot?  Before you say it's the back radiation, I have to tell you that radiation from colder regions does not penetrate the warmer ocean surface more than a few nanometres.  It is "pseudo scattered" because it merely raises electrons to higher energy states and then those electrons immediately drop back and emit an identical photon.  The electro-magnetic energy is not converted to thermal energy, and so it does not raise the temperature.

In fact there is a gravitationally induced temperature gradient (aka lapse rate) in any planetary troposphere, and thermal energy absorbed from solar radiation in the upper troposphere can flow up that sloping thermal profile restoring thermodynamic equilibrium as it does so, and even entering the oceans. Water vapour reduces the temperature gradient (fortunately) making the surface about 10 to 12 degrees cooler.  Carbon dioxide makes it another 0.1 degree cooler for the same reason.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Help bring Patrick Moore — a [former-greenpeace-founder| Greenpeace founder turned skeptic] — to Australia

Trolling by JoNova pushing Patrick Moore.

As I pointed out, he's not a founder:;

I also tweaked her by pointing out that her original title "former Greenpeace Founder" didn't even make sense.

There's more stuff there but it goes nowhere, of course. Later (in reply to a comment about Jason Box) I wrote:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

and was surprised to see it in moderation. So I tried:

> Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Oh dear. Have I used a naughty world? is “r3a1cl1ma73″ better ;-?

Yes! RC wins! [Update: or, does it just auto-moderate posts that are just links?]

[Update: if you're interested interested in the ins and outs of "was he really a founder or not and what does it mean anyway, then the best discussion I know of - including a link to Moore's own view - is at Moyhu.]

Monday, 11 August 2014


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Author : NikFromNYC

Shit cake.

That's your soft landing?


I hope it smells nice, like cocoa, not poop.