Monday, 18 August 2014

Help bring Patrick Moore — a [former-greenpeace-founder| Greenpeace founder turned skeptic] — to Australia

Trolling by JoNova pushing Patrick Moore.

As I pointed out, he's not a founder:;

I also tweaked her by pointing out that her original title "former Greenpeace Founder" didn't even make sense.

There's more stuff there but it goes nowhere, of course. Later (in reply to a comment about Jason Box) I wrote:

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

and was surprised to see it in moderation. So I tried:

> Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Oh dear. Have I used a naughty world? is “r3a1cl1ma73″ better ;-?

Yes! RC wins! [Update: or, does it just auto-moderate posts that are just links?]

[Update: if you're interested interested in the ins and outs of "was he really a founder or not and what does it mean anyway, then the best discussion I know of - including a link to Moore's own view - is at Moyhu.]

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