Sunday, 7 December 2014

This Blog Is Closed Due To Lack Of Interest In What Miriam O’Brien Has To Say?

Bob Tisdale's latest vanity project is closed, it seems. I doubt anyone will mourn.

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Ha ha. What’s actually happened is that (a) you’ve banned anyone interesting and (b) no-one is interested in hearing you talk about HW. HW itself remains vibrant, as anyone checking its comment threads can verify.
Face it: this blog was always a piece of petty spite. The only question was how long would it be before you got bored.


  1. Ha ha so he tries to spin a lack of interest in his petty spite blog as a lack of interest in what Miriam O'Brien has to say?

    Misrepresentation and straw manning anyone?

  2. Rather predictably, BT can't take the heat. My comment vanishes into


    and BT says:

    Another reason I closed this blog, William Connolley: I got tired of seeing comments from worms like you in my spam folder. Have a good day — Bob Tisdale

    Quite how he reconciles that with I opened this blog as a place where both sides of the AGW debate could comment without moderation is hard to know.