Friday, 27 February 2015

I'm with William

New comment on your post "Exit Pachi, pursued by no-one"
Author: Brad Keyes

Comment: [Redacted -W],

I'm with William. Please stop self-censoring on our account. If you opine something, say something.

People are beginning to talk. An unkind meme is now in general circulation to the effect that you lack the verbal and cognitive dexterity to come up with a clever insult, hence your continual and cliched retreat to the "I can't tell you what I really think of you" position. Which is a fiction, of course: William (and I!) would gladly welcome the historic event of your giving someone a piece of your mind.

Do it already, [Redacted -W].

— Brad

<b><i>PS</i></b> Let me point out for the benefit of third persons that [Redacted -W] antipathy to me, passive-aggressive as it may be, is entirely justified. I used to be bemused by it myself, but then I found out we'd <a href="" rel="nofollow">met in a previous life, when [redacted -W] was TLOC</a>. Having re-read that thread I can't blame him for nursing a vendetta, not for one second.


  1. Author : Brad Keyes

    what is it that you keep having to redact? (I don't keep a record of my comments so I'm struggling to remember what's missing.) I wasn't aware I was mis-'behaving,' let alone which rule of 'behavior' I was violating—and needless to say, I wouldn't abuse your hospitality knowingly.

    [Faux naif just gets you spammed I'm afraid. If you're only here to take the piss then go elsewhere -W]

    Anyway, I just came across an old Nature editorial that gives a refreshingly allegation-free view of Pachauri. Helps put things in perspective at controversial times like these.

    It also shows Al Gore as a bit of a conspiracy ("plot") theorist about Pachauri's nomination:
    "On his way to collect his own medal, Gore stopped to shake Pachauri warmly by the hand. Patchy and Al, as they call each other, get along famously. It is all a far cry from the situation in 2002, when Pachauri beat Gore's favoured candidate to run the IPCC in a bitterly fought contest. Immediately afterwards, Gore lambasted Pachauri in the pages of The New York Times as the “let's drag our feet candidate”, a patsy put in place to weaken the IPCC as one of various “acts of sabotage” by the new Bush administration.
    “He thought I was part of some kind of plot,” Pachauri says. “Maybe he believed I had some sort of deal with the US administration, that I'd be soft in pushing the truth on climate change.” If so, he knows better now.
    “It wasn't a pleasant experience at all,” says Pachauri. “But having got into it I didn't see why I should back off.” Besides, he felt and still feels very passionately about what he refers to constantly as “the cause”."

  2. "[Faux naif just gets you spammed I'm afraid]"

    It wasn't faux at time of writing.

    But yes, I eventually deduced our mutual friend was jealously guarding his no-longer-secret identity, but that was far from obvious (and for some reason you chose never to explain it). You must admit, that's a bit like Kim Kardashian jealously guarding her virginity. A behaviour too bizarre to expect us all to anticipate it, surely you'd agree, William.