Monday, 2 March 2015

Why would anyone credit

A new comment on the post "Exit Pachi, pursued by no-one"
Author : Brad Keyes

Sorry mate, but this is laughable:
<blockquote>Keyes, I think Dr. Connolley is generally preferred in these circumstances.</blockquote>I'm laughing. You've made me laugh.

Why would anyone credit what "[you] think" on the subject of contemporary social mores among humans when your concept of etiquette begins with calling me "Keyes"? ROFL

As for your suggestion that our gracious host is such an insecure mediocrity that he'd actually insist, with a straight face, in 2015, that everyone who visits his <i>blog</i> validate his supposed completion of a PhD on an unknown subject—though he doesn't even see fit to mention this anywhere else on the page!—well, what can I say, Steve? <i><b>Nobody</i></b> could be as pompous as that. And (a posteriori) they're NOT, are they? Look around. <i><b>Nobody on this page</i></b> typed "Dr. Connolley" until you did, Steve. Not even our host. Who signs his blog 'William Connolley.'

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