Tuesday 27 October 2015

We live in a society dominated by violence from the top down, secrecy, lies, denial, conspiracy and manipulation, torture, imprisonment...

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Nice one, Neven. I don't know who Tom is, but I'd like to hear some people do Amazing Grace on video, too—maybe the first one will be Blankenship. Of course, when they do they should have to tell the story of the song, every time, and come to understand why it's part of the agreement.

However, though I don't know if anyone knew beforehand or was saying anything like this during the 1930s, the course of the projection, scapegoating, and economic/ political externalizing (3 strands of the same process) into industrial genocide was absolutely predictable, given 1. age-old European discrimination against Jews, especially in hard times, 2. German childrearing practices and the cultural pathologies that resulted, 3. statements by Hitler, his top henchmen, and Nazis at the time, 4. actions like the hushing up of Hitler's own Jewish roots by those henchmen, (in a move remarkably similar to Bush (W's) Rathering—the baiting and discrediting of Dan Rather on a story the news anchor had right—Bush's lying avoidance of military service)  5. the actions of the Nazis and German society toward Jews and others even a decade before the war, 6. the increasing industrialization of all aspects of society, as well as the mechanization of Germans themselves.

(#s 2 and 4 can be read about in German psychologist Alice Miller's eye-opening book For Your Own Good)

In defeating the Axis powers in WWII, the US acquired its current, more virulent strain of the Wetiko disease. Anyone who doesn't see exactly the same things happening right now in US society—the scapegoating of Islamic people and ecological activists, for example, and many other repressive and disequalizing actions of a formerly (somewhat) free society in the US (see Naomi Wolf's The End of America) has been blinded by the same cultural denial that kept it from being incredibly obvious then. Responding quickly and massively to the climate crisis and especially getting the perpetrators of the denying delayalist lies to admit the full extent, funding, methods and the wrongness of them, is crucial to avoiding ever-increasing fascism in our responses to the worsening emergency.

We live in a society dominated by violence from the top down, secrecy, lies, denial, conspiracy and manipulation, torture, imprisonment (a higher % than any other country on Earth, and necessary in ours for racial and class control in an increasingly unequal but decreasingly numerically white society), and new laws from the 2007 NDAA, tort reform, Citizens United and McCutcheon, TTP…. and many many more, designed to allow further repression,; coupled with economic actions that make for greater divisions and a more desperate (and therefore more compliant) populace. jWe're headed for very hard times, far worse than what Germany went through between the wars, and the tendency is very strong for societies to close down into repression in such situations.

A quick reversal of those laws, and dismantling of the structures leading us toward that repression, a quick mobilization to build clean renewable energy, reforest the planet and transform agriculture to low-meat organic permaculture, and prosecution of climate criminals along with a generous and regenerative, trust-building Truth and Reconciliation process may be the best things to prevent fascism and the failure to avoid catastrophe that that would avoid.

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