Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Nothing Can Go Wrong

By CIP. About the regrettable fracas between the Commies and the Beys.


  1. William Connolley • a day ago
    As FL says, they weren't killed by Turkey. Obviously some "turkmen" you've never heard of killing a Russian pilot you've never heard of is more newsworthy than the many turkmen the Ruskies have bombed to death recently; or at least, I don't recall you bothering to note the turkmen deaths.

  2. Then there seems to be one missing, where I point out that not only isn't it false that Turkey killed the pilots, but even his own source says so.

  3. Your post *still* says Turkey killed the pilots, even though you now know that's wrong.

    Would it help if I pointed out that one of the pilots isn't even dead?