Thursday, 21 January 2016

You are an evil piece of shit and there's a hit out on you, I guarantee it

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Author: Fight evil alarmist scum

You are an evil piece of shit and there's a hit out on you, I guarantee it.
They'll find you and make you suffer before you beg for death and they rip your guts open and leave you to die slowly.


  1. And the exciting follow up:

    Submitted on 2016/01/21 at 23:44

    Felix, while I appreciate your admonishment of the wormy, evil scum Connelly, you’re wrong on the science. Carter was right about significant man made global warming, see I even used the correct terms, something you alarmists seem unable to do.

    All the evidence supports the skeptics. No tropospheric hotspot, no warming for 18 years, mediaeval, Minoan, Roman Warm Periods hotter than today with far less CO2, record Antarctic ice, Arctic ice recovering from 2007 minimum.
    ERBE satellite shows outgoing longwave radiation goes up with increased surface warming not down…

    As for the 2 degree threshold, even ignoring evidence that suggests we’re now heading for an ice age being at a climactic holocene optimum, we will experience just over 1 degree of warming in the next hundred years due to man made causes. Firstly that’s a third of alarmist predictions, secondly it’s beneficial and there is ZERO evidence for some 2 degree threshold, it’s a completel arbitrary political number with no scientific basis.

    You need to learn about science, evidence and logic.

    “If the theory doesn’t match the evidence, then the theory is WRONG” – Richard Feynman

  2. Another:

    Marty Gwynne <[redacted]>

    Vile little man, can I come over and advance science a little further by grabbing your neck in my hands and popping your pea head off.

    You little scumbag.

    No matter what about this debate you sick little fuck, that was bang out of order.

    I may pop by to say hello you shit