Friday, 20 May 2016

Denialism is the opposite of believalism

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Author: Brad Keyes
Dr Connolley writes inline that:<blockquote>[...The antithesis of science is denialism, e.g. WUWT or Republican congresscritters -W]</blockquote>Um, not quite.

Denialism is the opposite of <i>believalism</i>.

Republican congresscritters is the opposite of <i>Democrat senatecritters</i>.

The opposite of science is <i>antiscience</i>: the active hostility to human discovery about nature. This hostility is exemplified when a supposed "scientist" says that if people he doesn't like ever hear there is a Freedom of Information Act now in the UK, he'd rather destroy a priceless library of knowledge about climate and weather rather than send to anyone.


  1. Why is this comment in spam, William? AFAICT every point made therein is both true and relevant. (The least you could do is deny it.)

    Also, why don't you support common HTML tags?

    1. Pffft, I don't choose what tags are accepted.

      I don't think anything you said was useful. And having previously encountered you with stuff like I'm not inclined to offer you any goodwill.

  2. OK fair enough about the tags—I forgot that this was a group blog.

    Why don't you consider it "useful" to be corrected? You wrongly suggested that the opposite of science was Republican congresscritters; I set you straight. As a scientist, you should welcome such learning experiences.

    And I'm not asking for "goodwill"—it's not as if allowing a comment to be posted is some monumental act of faith in, or charity towards, your fellow man, is it?