Saturday, 31 May 2014

In House testimony, Botkin dismantles the IPCC 2014 report

Another WUWT post, In House testimony, Botkin dismantles the IPCC 2014 report.

Posted on May 31, 2014 by Anthony Watts

Botkin’s bio: “Daniel B. Botkin, a world-renowned ecologist, is Professor (Emeritus), Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara...

Oddly he focusses a lot of criticism on the basic climatology, rather than on the ecology, as you might expect.

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    William Connolley says:
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    May 31, 2014 at 1:09 pm
    > seven of 19 subpopulations of the polar bear are declining in number” citing in support of this an article by Vongraven and Richardson, 2011. That report states the contrary, that the “‘decline’ is an illusion.

    I assume he means “Biodiversity – Status and Trends of Polar Bears” ( Which states “The status of polar bear populations has been assessed at both national (5 national assessments) and international level, and 7 of 19 of the World’s polar bear sub-populations are found to declining in number, with trends in two linked to reductions in sea ice.”

    How does B turn that into the report saying the decline is an illusion?

    > Daniel B. Botkin is a “climate scientist” who looks to be a real scientist.

    No he isn’t. As he says himself, he’s an emeritus ecologist. Which makes the way he goes on about the climatology rather odd; you’d expect him to focus his criticism on the ecology.

  2. (this one seems to have been spammed. Probably because it mentions Sou :-))

    > Can someone point me to the web site for The Center for The Study of the Environment? I can’t find it, only his personal web site.

    It would appear that the two are in fact one. Sou has a look to see what she can find about DB; you might find helpful.