Monday, 19 May 2014

you should have at least Googled ‘IPCC expert reviewer’

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Author : Transport by Zeppelin

From Kevin O'Neill

TbZ: Didn’t you catch the hint?

No, it means nothing of the sort. WC has already told you so. At that point you should have at least Googled ‘IPCC expert reviewer’ and tried to see if you were on solid ground. You’re not.


Kevin,if you'd clicked on the link I provided, the one below,

you will read

 - " Annex VI: Expert Reviewers of the IPCC WGI Fifth Assessment Report" are you saying Kevin that The IPCC tells lies to us, because the IPCC clearly tells me at their link that Nic & all the others listed on their site are 'Experts"

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  1. Nic - WC tells you you're wrong. I give you a Google search. Are you that afraid of the answer that you can't follow thru on your own? Does it really need to be spelt out for you?

    *Anyone* can request to be an expert reviewer.